• COLORS: The aluminum frame can be made in different colors. In addition to coloring, you can insert a customization into the hexagon on the cap. The choice of colors will increase the recognizability of the product making it even more unique.
  • MECHANICAL PROCESSING: Thanks to modern machineries, you can customize every single piece of work directly into production, eliminating further processing steps and thus reducing delivery times and logistic.
  • SERIAL PERSONALIZATIONS: In response to requests for product quantities, optimization of customization procedures will be carried out, optimizing costs and time by transforming the custom product into a standard product.
  • SERIGRAPHY: In addition to the possibility of different colors of the outer structure, any interior component, such as fronts, can be customized with silk-screen printing that allows the use of bright colors, particulars or logos.
  • FINISHINGS: The most used material is aluminum, which we have various treatments such as anodizing, a non-spontaneous electrochemical process through which a protective oxide layer forms on the surface of the treated metal and protects it from corrosion, and surtec 650, a trivalent chromium liquid process that provides the substrate with high corrosion protection: 336 h in simple saline mist and 150 h in acetic saline.