Alutron and the partnership Turin – Lansing (USA) – October 15th, 16th 2017

Alutron participated in the meetings between the cities of Turin and Pianezza and the County of Lansing, Michigan, aimed to the industrial development in their respective territories. Gianfranco Cavallini and Roberto Olivo met the Mayor of the City of Lansing, Virg Bernero and the President of the Lansig Economic Area Partnership, Bob Trezise, during the meetings organized in Pianezza and Turin to stimulate the development of new joint initiatives in the industrial and research / innovation fields. The goal for Alutron is to define the strategy to strengthen its presence on the North American market.

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Expo Ferroviaria Expo, Rho (Milan).

With great pride Alutron closes more than positively his experience at Expo Ferroviaria 2017

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Catalogue – Full Edition 01

Alutron presents the new General Catalog where all purchase codes are listed in various options with the full range of accessories available.

Custom solutions are provided to help customers to fulfill their needs.

Integrated Solutions

The range of products offered to the catalog is highly competitive thanks to investments in the Production department that can optimize all phases and flows of the production process.

The flexibility of the installed machinery and robotic islands allows the production of custom solutions with costs comparable to serial productions.

The close technical synergy with other MKR group companies allows Alutron to offer a wide range of both standard and custom electronics modules for various purposes.

Alutron is therefore able to provide fully integrated solutions completely designed, manufactured and tested at its own facilities.

Mechanical, Electronics and Human Capital

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