Trademark registration N° 014409941/014402929

Registration certificate for the EU trademark.
The details thereof have been registered in the Register of Trademarks Union European about:
Common metals and their alloys, Metal building materials, Transportable metal constructions, Containers made of metal, Materials of metal far railway tracks, Non-electric cables and wires of common metal; ironmongery, small items of metal hardware, pipes and tubes of metal, safes, ores. Computer and audiovisual equipment, containers far electronic circuii boards, storage racks far computer discs, mounting brackets far telecommunications hardware; Mounting racks far computer hardware. Cabinets (fumiture) of metal, Display frames of metal [fur-niture], Doors made of metal far fumiture; Metal wall units [fumiture]; Shelves of metal [fumiture]; Shelf supports of metal [parts of fumiture]; Shelf dividers of metal [parts of fur-niture]; Transparent doors (Metal framed) far fumiture; AH of the afaresaid goods being far industriai use, not residential, and being far containing electric and electronic systems.

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