Alutron’s R & D Department is a team of highly skilled engineers dedicated to design all products and accessories, always striving to create the most innovative solutions in any field of application. 

A decades-long system and component expertise combined with the constant research of technologically innovative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions allow Alutron to address any request, either standard or customized.


The Company’s R & D Department works in close cooperation with the production department in order to optimize the entire manufacturing process in all its phases.

Special attention is paid to the continuous research of innovative solutions in terms of advanced materials and state-of-the-art technologies, in order to offer the best answer to any customer need.

Alutron’s Team provides a comprehensive Customer Support also during the design phase, by providing prototypes aimed to conduct a thorough in-depth evaluation of all options before proceeding with serial production. 

Virtual prototypes, realized and tested with advanced design softwares, can be integrated with physical prototypes for more accurate analysis.