Alutron S.r.l. is ISO 9001: 2015 certified in all company departments. The high attention to the constant improvement of all the company processes and the correct analysis and management of the risks allows the correct support to a clientele that requires extreme reliability on the acquired products.


Electro Magnetic Compatibility – EMC

Electro Magnetic Compatibility takes into account emission issues, which refer to the reduction of unintentional generation of electro-magnetic energy and countermeasures to avoid its transmission, and susceptibility (or immunity) problems, which refer to the correct operation of electrical and electronics equipment in the presence of electro-magnetic disturbances coming from outside.

Climatic and Salt Spray Corrosion Tests

Salt Spray or Salt Fog Test is a standardized procedure that verifies the strength of a material or the effectiveness of organic and inorganic surface coatings in protecting the substrate against corrosion. The test, useful for comparing and evaluating materials and coatings produced with different technologies, thicknesses and porosity, is often used to verify that a product complies with certain qualitative specifications or simply to gather information about its corrosion resistance in this type of environment .

Vibration and Shock Tests

Vibration and Shock Tests allow to verify and measure the products capability to support the full range of dynamic stresses they might be subject during their use.
The test is performed by mounting the product on a vibrating table controlled by dedicated PC software.

Patented Autoblock System

A Patented self-locking system of a screw or threaded nut on the wall that comes into contact during screwing action.

Design N° 2742726-0001/0002/0003/0004

The EUIPO is the European Union Office for Intellectual Property in charge of managing European Union trademarks and registered Community designs. It also collaborates with PI offices of EU Member States and with international partners to offer a similar service of trademark registration, designs and designs throughout Europe and around the world. A design protects the appearance of a product to which it is intrinsically linked. “Product” means any industrial or handicraft item, including packaging, graphic symbols and characters. Parts of products that can be dismantled and reassembled can also be included in the protection.

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Trademark Registration N° 014409941/014402929

Certificate of registration for the European Union trademark.
The relevant data have been entered in the European Union Trade Marks Register on:
Common metals and their alloys, metal construction materials, transportable metal constructions,  metal materials for railways,
wires and wires non metallic, metal containers; lockers and metal trinkets, metal tubes, safes, minerals. Computer and audiovisual equipment, electronic card boxes, computer diskette racks, telecommunication hardware mounting brackets; Mounting hardware for computer hardware; metal [furniture] cabinets, metal [furniture] display cabinets, metal furniture doors; metal [furniture] pens; metal shelves [furniture]; shelves for metal shelves [parts of furniture]; metal shelf dividers [parts of furniture]; transparent doors (with metal frame) for furniture; all the products described are for industrial, non-residential use, and are intended to contain electrical and electronic systems.

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Industrial patent N° 102017000038711

Patent for industrial invention of profiled element for fixing a motherboard with a plurality of connectors to a basket