Integrated Solutions Series Production


The range of products offered to the catalog is highly competitive. Thanks to investments in the Production department, all phases and flows of the production process can be optimized.

The flexibility of machinery and robotic islands used also allows the production of custom commodities with commercial targets comparable to serial productions.

The close technical synergy with the MKR group companies enables the understanding and solution of issues that also involve the provision of electronic systems housed in the Rack Sub Units.

Alutron is therefore able to provide mechatronic integrated solutions completely designed and manufactured at its own plants.


The series of thermocontrolled ventilation units are an example of mechatronic synergy among the companies of the MKR group. Alutron along with Cedit S.r.l. have developed this air handling system inside the rack to ensure greater reliability of housed electronic devices, avoiding hot air stagnation.

The units are equipped with temperature sensors to adapt the operation to variations in the conditions and visual and remote signals to talk with the internal or external supervision systems on the rack.

Ventilation groups 3 fans 220 V AC 50 Hz
Unit – Ventilation groups 6 fans 48 V DC +/- 15%
Integrated Solutions Series Production
Ventilation groups 8 fans 48 V DC +/- 15%
Integrated Solutions Series Production

Integrated Solutions Series Production